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FAQs - Frequent Asked Questions

Do we deliver out of state?
No. At this time, we only deliver in Southern California.
Where is GO JUMPER located?
We are Located in Santa Ana, California.
What area do you guys serve?
We serve all Orange County and Parts of Los Angeles, give us a call!
How to make a reservation for a jumper?
You may reserve a jumper online or over the phone (714-880-3595).
Inflatables Availability
Go Jumper processes all reservation requests on a first come first serve basis
How far in advance should I reserve my inflatable?
We recommend that you make your reservation as soon as you have the date/time for your event.
What is the space requirement for a jumper?
You may check the product section and click on the jumper you are interested on and it will show you the minimum space require for that particular jumper
Do i need a specific outlet?
No, regular house outlet is fine
Where can the jumper be setup?
Our jumpers can be set up on grass, cement, concrete, asphalt, dirt, or any other surface that is flat, driveways
Location of setup?
The best place for set up would be a level grassy area. All jumpers are anchored down. If you need to set up on concrete please let us know. Make sure there are no sprinkler lines or utilities close to the perimeter of the jumper. Please do not run sprinklers or mow lawn the same day in the set up area. Please make sure the set up area is clear of any debris. It is the customer’s responsibility to clean area prior to set up. We do not recommend setting up in area where there is sand.
Do you deliver to parks?
Yes we do deliver to parks and have proof of insurance. There is a $95.00 deposit and you may have to get a generator if power is not available at the park.
What we need to do before the driver arrives?
You will need an outlet (plug) within 50 feet. Make sure you have the space required to set up the unit(s). This unit also needs an overhead clearance specified by the 'H - height' in the clearance. Check your yard for overhead wires, tree branches and patio overhangs. The area must be clean and dry of any debris and dirt before we arrive (7:30am). If there are cars and other items, please move them as well. If you own a dog or pet, make sure there ain't no poop, and during the party please keep the pet away from the Jumper to avoid damages to the unit. If there is a balance due in CASH, please have the cash ready when the Driver arrives (by 7:30). We do not wait for trips to the bank or atm machine, since we do have other deliveries to make. If payment is not ready we will place your order at the end of our delivery schedule and delivery charge may apply. Please let us know if Driver has to go through stairs. Inflatables range from 170 to 570 pounds. If there are over 3 steps additional charges may apply depending on unit size.
How to make a payment?
You may pay cash on delivery or pay in advance via credit card (a 3% convince charge is add when paying by credit card.) We do not accept checks (Unless is a business check and it has the same address from where we are going to deliver the jumper.)
Are deposits refundable in case of cancellation?
-No. All deposits are non-refundable
What happens if it rains while the jumper is up?
During severe conditions (i.e. rain, high winds, etc), we reserve the right to cancel our reservations. If conditions are not too severe we will give you the option of keeping it or cancelling at no charge. If you decide to keep the unit for that day, there will be no refunds, discounts or rain checks. DO NOT use, and immediately deflate the ride, if winds exceed 15 MPH (25 KPH) and/or it rains.
What age should the child be to go in the inflatable?
No Riders under the age of 3 years old. It’s for KIDS age 3 and up (no adults allowed - little kids, parents can go inside with them). Jumpers 5-7 kids (36’-66’). Combos 6-9 kids. Obstacle Course itself (40’-66’) races 2 at a time, one on the left and one on the right side. Slides 2-3 (40’-66’). Do not mix older kids with younger kids.
Are the kids able to do flips in the inflatable?
No somersaults, diving, wrestling, flips, or rough play.
Can I come by and see the products?
No. The best way would be in our website We only have a warehouse facility.
Can I pick up the jumper and set it up myself?
No, Our employees are required to set-up & take-down our equipment. We offer free delivery & pick up for our delivery area. (out of deliver area charges may apply)
What do I do if my inflatable or other equipment malfunctions?
If a rental item malfunctions during usage, customer must call Go Jumper office immediately at 714-881-4944
Why do your guys charge a $95 Fee to setup the Bounce houses at Parks, Club Houses, Schools and Churches?
We charge a $95 fee to basically all locations beside a house, the reason is that we have to pay extra to our drivers to have the unit in those places in a smaller time frame.
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